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Would you know if your child was hurting?

Would they tell you?

What if a simple story could help you
connect with your child
and find their hidden pain?

Rosie's engaging tales do just that!
Non-confrontational, non-judgemental wisdom 
in fun, friendly tales from an Aussie farm dog.

Introducing the Rosie Knows Series

Simple stories, positive results

Meet Rosie the Therapy Dog
And Miss Polly, of course...
            Hi, I'm Miss Polly, and this is Rosie, my trusted therapy dog who writes simple, engaging stories about mental health and resilience, based on her own and her friends' experiences.
I have spent many years working with families and children, and throughout the years I have found that the conventional ways of communicating with young people have become less and less effective. I found that trying to build rapport with the children was difficult at the best of times but connecting in a meaningful way can be near impossible. 

Then Rosie came into my life - a beautiful Border Collie rescue dog - and I began taking her with me to school workshops and to clients' therapy sessions. I found she formed an instant connection with the children, they became engaged almost as soon as they saw Rosie because she interacted so naturally with them.

After watching this amazing transformation take place I became inspired to write stories and programs that could be used in families and schools all over the world. I became the ghost writer for the Rosie Knows Series (Rose is the real author!). All the stories are simple and fun, written from a dog's perspective of life, and all of them have a mental health and resilience theme.  

Dogs have always been extremely beneficial in so many areas of mental well being, and these stories and programs bear witness to just how effective they are at engaging with everyone, young and old alike."



Rosie's simple stories promote open communication 
between adults and young people.

Fun and engaging while addressing real issues
These short stories can be the catalyst that will help your child open up and share in an open and honest way, even through some very sensitive and emotional issues.
Non-judgemental, non-confrontational
The magic happens because of the unique way Miss Polly allows Rosie, her therapy dog, to do all the talking in her stories.  
They are light-hearted stories that are not prescriptive - no instructions - just observations from a dog.
Professional and insightful
Miss Polly is a nurse, grandmother, and mental health clinician who brings her wisdom, experience and insight to each and every one of these stories.

Miss Polly in the Outback

In 2011, Polly headed west to the outback community of Alice Springs to "provide support and counselling to individuals and families experiencing mental health issues in Alice Springs and various other communities." Already an experienced Registered Nurse and senior mental health clinician, she had filled various roles Australia-wide, but found that working in the Northern Territory was a unique experience.

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Three simple steps to help you discover your child's needs before they become a problem.
1. Read or listen to the story together
Snuggle up on the couch and enjoy Rosie's simple, engaging observations together.

2. Work through the resources together
Simply ask questions or go through the workbook. This is your child's opportunity to raise issues of importance to them. Our children are often hurting in secret, these stories help shine a light into those dark fearful places in a child's imagination and bring it out into the open. 
3. Discuss the issues raised
Use the story to open a dialogue with your child about anything they have raised.
Simple and Elegant
Parents and teachers are often the last to know what is really going on in the lives of our children; sadly, this can cost us dearly. But we can save our children by listening to them, and we can be part of the solution by talking with them.

These short stories and innovative programs will help you do just that.
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Our children are hurting...
In Australia there have been many natural disasters recently that have affected families, communities and our nation as a whole; such things as bushfires, floods, drought, cyclones, pandemic, and enforced isolation.
All of us struggle with these events in some way or another but do we stop and think how our young people deal with these things when they happen?  Adults are suffering, how much more must our children be struggling with these issues? 

Many children are suffering from violence, bullying and abuse, on top of the growing doomsday warnings surrounding climate change. Add feelings of disempowerment to the fear and hopelessness regarding their future and we have the breeding ground for despair.

Our young people are in danger and we need to listen NOW, before it is too late.


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Young People's Lives Matter

Don't leave it too late...

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