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Rosie with Miss Polly
Authors of the Rosie Knows series

"There’s wisdom in every wag of Rosie’s tail and a fun read at the same time. Tales for all young people and even their parents!" 
Christine Kipps, Clinical Psychologist M.Psych.
BA Hons Dip Ed. NSW, Australia.

How good would you feel knowing that you have the tools to connect with your child and help them navigate difficult issues without conflict?

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Member access to the story readings

Full membership includes access to all of Rosie's recorded stories. Some are in video format, some in audio, but all are read by Miss Polly. Each story lesson deals with a very important issue in a non-judgemental, non-confrontational way which encourages open communication.

The trial membership is hosted on the same portal as the full membership, so you'll get a taste of the full membership experience with access to the trial lessons and bonus stories.

Member access to the resource materials

Accompanying the stories are workbooks and slide presentations which aid the parent or teacher in opening the lines of communication with children and teens.

Each story has its own theme covering issues like anxiety, fear depression, bullying and self harm, all of which young people today have to deal with to some degree. 

The resources aid in bringing into the open hidden issues and fears.

Member access to Q&A

Full membership includes access to periodical Q&A videos with Miss Polly answering common questions relating to story topics.

Miss Polly gives an expert overview of the topic and answers commonly asked questions on the issues dealt with in the stories. 

Members may submit questions.

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About the Rosie Knows Membership
Miss Polly and Rosie have published three books containing simple stories written from Rosie's perspective, addressing a variety of issues that are relevant to pre-teens and younger, presented in a light-hearted and sensitive manner.  The content has an ongoing theme of self-acceptance and a mindful approach to life. 

In addition to the hardcopy books, Rosie and Miss Polly have authored many more stories. These are available as video and audio readings presented by Miss Polly herself, in her uniquely calm and gentle manner. A nurse, mental health clinician and widely respected school therapist, Miss Polly is also a mother and grandmother and the videos and audio have a delightfully reassuring grandmotherly vibe! 
To accompany the story readings Miss Polly has created resources suitable for parents, caregivers, or school classrooms. These are printable PDF workbooks and accompanying slide presentations with discussion questions.

As Rosie is full of ideas there are more stories still to be written! Miss Polly decided that the best way to present Rosie's ever-increasing library to the public was via a simple subscription membership that will allow subscribers access to all the recorded stories and workbook resources, plus allow new stories and resources to be added as they become available. 

In addition, Miss Polly is offering members recorded Q&A sessions which will answer members' questions about Rosie's stories and their application in families or schools.

Together, the story readings, workbook resources and Q&A sessions form the core of the story program.

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Knowing your child's real issues is priceless in today's ever changing world.  

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